@whitmoon said: Congratulation!

thank you sweetheart!

Fun times in Threed… I guess…

re-edited from the version I posted on my twitter

ocicatsy said: Jetpens is the best!

indeed! My wallet very much agrees!

Woohoo!!! loaded up on more jetpens loot!

I REALLY love the tachikawa pen holder! It feels so great in my hands. Also can’t wait to try out these nibs as well =3

Inktober day 1-though technically day 2 for me)


a little earthbound throwback*

Mini Haitus

I will be taking a little haitus from tumblr for a bit- albeit, will be a short one. Long story short, my hardrive finally went kaput. After all the processing and after all Ive it’s been through, it’s finally gave out two days ago. I should be back in a few weeks to a month- It won’t take me long to save up for a another laptop so yeah. I will however try to update as little often as I can-especially since I have ton of inktober sketches Ive done :)

See y’all in a few weeks!

I really need to clean up this blog. A lot of my old art is just looking downright repulsive lol