I miss drawing in photoshop sometimes. Higher pigmented colors and no milky, blurry sai paint

Wip of a print Im currently brainstorming around with. Im currently not loving this version. The composition however I feel was better in my sketchbook original.

Going through and seeing the little tags you guys leave on both my fanart and personal work really makes me blush =)

Warm up of my character Giovanni from my webcomic*

So happy! just bought some new watercolors/gouche and I can’t wait to try them out!

it’s also perfect timing because I don’t know if I’ll be able to do digital art of a little bit being that my laptop battery has gone kaput :/

just a quickie-hehe*

michi-ru-deactivated20140723: I-if you want, #1 (A Very Disappointing Christmas Party) with Enker (again)? Wehhhh I love how you draw honestly ;_;

Here’s Enker just for you! =3

palette- a very disappointing Christmas


on a side note- this was actually a really fun palette to work with, though albeit more challenging.



i decided to put this on its own post 

Artists your time has come.
Try to make some beautiful art from some awful palettes.

michi-ru-deactivated20140723: I think what's really striking about your artwork is how you pose characters so well! Gosh it really puts meaning behind the characters so much. <3 Love the compositions and drawing style in your artwork as well!

Oh my! thank you! I always try to push expressions, and draw characters expressing emotions in correspondence to their environment. composition is especially something I’m very meticulous about

For whitmoon* =3

hope you like!

-also the first time in a long while that Ive actually soft shaded instead of the usual paint over or cell shade.